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Mater volunteers contribute their unique skills and life experience across all areas of the organisation including our hospitals and non-clinical departments.

The Volunteer Program has more than 60 dedicated volunteers who work at both campuses. The volunteers are committed to enhancing the hospital experience for patients and their families. The Mater volunteers give more than 1000 hours each month to the hospital and are managed by a Volunteer Coordinator.


  • Meet and Greet

  • Concierge 

  • Pastoral Care Volunteers 

  • Education Department

  • Medical Records 

  • Books and Café trolley 

  • Flowers 

  • Patients Liaison Volunteers 

  • Volunteer Companion 

  • Café Volunteers

  • Mail Delivery

Due to the clinical environment, mandatory safety requirements and the changing nature of volunteer work required at our hospitals, all volunteers must be able to:

  • Work independently with limited supervision

  • Read and comprehend basic safety signs and instructions

  • Undertake annual mandatory health and safety training 

  • Communicate clearly and follow instructions

  • Be independently physically mobile.

The Courtesy Vehicle is operated by Volunteers from 10 am to 2 pm Monday to Fridays. The service is available to drop patients home after discharge from the hospital. They can drop family members locally and can assist with other driving tasks. The service is not available to bring patients to specialist appointments or admissions to the hospital.

The service is reliant on volunteers, therefore, no advanced booking can be guaranteed.

For enquiries regarding the service and the availability contact:

Volunteer Coordinator
Phone: (07) 4727 4118 or 0497 262 476.

If you would like to know more


Volunteer Coordinator
Phone: (07) 4727 4118 or 0497 262 476
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