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Maternity Information

Having a baby is an exciting time and you want to make sure that you give your baby the best possible start in life 

When you choose to have your baby with us, you can expect continuity of care from your chosen obstetrician who will work closely with our team of experienced midwives and nurses. Together we will provide personalised care and support every step of the way to ensure the arrival of your newest family member is as safe, memorable and stress-free as possible. 

At the Mater we offer:

  • Obstetrician of your choice
  • Paediatrician of your choice
  • A team of experienced midwives
  • Assistance with breast-feeding
  • Special Care Nursery for premature babies greater than 34 weeks gestation
  • Childbirth and Parenting Classes
  • Partners able to room in 
  • Water immersion for pain relief
  • Private room and ensuite


Phone: (07) 4722 8866 

Please telephone before coming to the hospital, this helps us to prepare for your arrival. You should contact the hospital if:

  • You experience any vaginal bleeding or spotting.
  • Your “waters” break – even if you are not experiencing any contractions.
  •  You are experiencing regular, painful contractions.
  •  You are experiencing increasing discomfort, either abdominally or in the lower back.
  •  You think your baby’s movements have reduced.
  •  Sudden increase in swelling or puffiness of your face, hands and feet.
  •  Persistent, frequent headaches.
  •  Blurred vision or “spots before your eyes”.
  •  Persistent vomiting.
  •  Sharp, constant pain in the abdomen and/or epigastric pain (with or without bleeding).
  •  Sudden increase or decrease in the amount of urine passed or if you experience “burning” when passing urine.
  •  You are concerned or unsure about what is happening.

Within our birth suites you have numerous pain relief options during your labour. Here is a summary of your options.

We encourage women to make an informed choice when considering pain relief.


  • Nitrous Oxide
  • Narcotics
  • Early Patient Controlled Ambulant Epidurals (PCAE)


  • Birth Balls
  • Aromatherapy
  • Hypnobirthing
  • Water Immersion

For more information on this form of pain relief please speak to your Obstetrician.

If you are considering Water Immersion for pain relief please discuss this with your Obstetrician prior.  

Early completion of our pre-admission form will enable the hospital to verify your level of insurance cover. 

Excess payments may apply to both mother and baby. We advise you to contact your health fund, prior to your admission to gain an understanding of your entitlements.

On discharge from the hospital we will request that you complete a claim form, which the Mater  will forward directly to your health insurer for payment.

Pharmacy items will need to be paid for on discharge as well as all sundry items incurred during your stay.

Please call the Patient Services, Monday to Friday from 9am to 3pm, to discuss any health insurance, personal or practical concerns you may have in relation to your admission
(07) 4727 4444.

Uninsured patients
A prepayment is required prior to the expected date of birth. You may choose to make regular payments towards hospital fees as soon as you have chosen the Women’s Unit. Any additional fees will need to be settled at the time of discharge.

Overseas patients
Prepayment is required one month prior to your babies expected date of birth. Contact the hospital on 07 4727 4444 for payment details. Mater will assist you to prepare a claim form to receive any refund from your overseas insurer.

When coming into hospital please inform the staff of any
medication that you may be taking or bringing from home.

Alcohol is served on our menus. We discourage excess alcohol consumption in our unit. Alcohol is not recommended during pregnancy or for lactating women.

Mater  is a smoke free zone. We encourage those who smoke go off campus at least five metres from the main entrance as per Queensland
State law. Smoking during pregnancy is dangerous mother and baby.

Other drugs
Taking recreational drugs on Mater Health Services North Queensland campuses will not be tolerated. Recreational drug taking causes harm to both mother and baby.

Caring for you pelvic floor
Women who choose to see the Women’s Health Physiotherapist will be asked to consent prior to admission. If you have not consented to seeing the Physiotherapist and change your mind a visit will be organised through our friendly receptionist.

Wearing a seat belt and fitting baby capsules
You are required by law to wear a properly adjusted seat belt while travelling in a car, to protect you and your baby in the event of an accident. You will need to have a car seat fitted before taking your baby home from hospital.

Family and friends are welcome to visit the unit between the hours of 8am to 8pm each day. We encourage the women on the unit to get as much rest as possible whilst they are
an inpatient.

When visiting please inform your visitors to mindful of other inpatients and their families.

Mater is proud of its food service which provides a wide selection of tasty, nutritious meals. The established menu varies each day and is designed to cater for low fat to diabetic diets. However, if you have additional dietary needs such as gluten free, or other specific requests please inform reception when you book into the hospital and can be organised prior to your admission.

Meals for partners can be ordered from the hospital menu at a cost of $10 for lunch and dinner; $15 for a hot breakfast. This fee will be changed to your account and invoiced to you on discharge. Tea and coffee making facilities are available from the Café Bar. Vending machines
for snacks and drinks is available in the education room opposite Room 26.

The Mater is proud to offer a Continuity of Care Program, whereby a student midwife can partner with you on your journey through pregnancy, birth and the postnatal period.

Involvement in Continuity of Care is a privilege for midwifery students, it is an invaluable experience in developing an understanding of the provision of care for women during pregnancy, labour, birth, postpartum and support at home.

What is involved?

Continuity of Care will mean that the midwifery student will remain in regular contact with you throughout your pregnancy and with your permission, will be with you during your labour and birth.

For six weeks following the birth they will follow your progress and that of your baby. The midwifery student will be supervised by a registered midwife throughout this time. When physical meetings are not possible, your midwifery student may feel it necessary to contact you via telephone and email.

What if I change my mind?

If you choose to participate in the Continuity of Care and you later find your circumstances have changed, you are under no obligation to continue.

How do I participate?
If you would like to consider participating in the Continuity of Care experience, by having a student midwife accompany you through your pregnancy journey


Phone: (07) 4722 8866 


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