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Lactation Services

Mater is please to offer the service of a Lactation Consultant to our families

These services include: 

  • Antenatal Breastfeeding Classes
  • Antenatal High-Risk Support
  • In-hospital Consultations
  • Group Breastfeeding Education Sessions while you are in hospital
  • Postnatal Consultations

Classes held on the first Wednesday of each month starting at 10am. The classes give in-depth education on breastfeeding positioning and attachment and what to expect during the first few days in hospital. The classes help build up confidence to begin the breastfeeding journey when baby arrives.

For any mother with high risk indicators, such as:

  • Previous poor breast feeding history
  • Complex history
  • History of breast surgery
  • Diabetes
  • Flat/Inverted Nipples
  • Babies known to have cleft palate/lip prior to birth

This service is offered on a monthly basis. This group clinic discusses issues such as how to express prior to delivery; nipple shields if appropriate;  expressing with a breast pump and many more. 

Included in your hospital stay is the ability to utilise our Infant Feeding Specialist. Whether it is for reassurance, education or assistance with a complex breastfeeding issue, the lactation consultant is here to assist where required.

Communication between the lactation specialist, your midwives and your doctors will help to achieve a smooth and enjoyable breastfeeding experience.

After the birth of your baby, you are invited to attend an informal group education session on breastfeeding positioning and attachment.

This is a relaxed session with mothers, their babies and support persons, where any questions and concerns can be addressed. These sessions run twice a week.


To find out more about these services please contact us:

Phone: (07) 4722 8866


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