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In-Room Facilities

We want to meet your needs and accommodate you as comfortably as possible.

The patient accommodation throughout the Hospital consists of private rooms with only a few shared rooms. If you request a private room and one is not available at admission time, our staff will do their best to provide one as soon as practical. Private rooms are allocated according to medical need and in discussion with your doctor.

A nurse call button is located on a hand-held control beside every bed.  Wall bottons are also located in other areas such as bathrooms and hallways.

Patients are encouraged to use these buttons to alert nursing staff when assistance is required.

Televisions are provided to all patients in all rooms at no charge.

Each television has channel access to all free-to-air stations, selected radio station frequencies and a dedicated channel for Pastoral Care services and broadcasts.

100 Sky News
101 Catholic Channel
104 Pimlico Chapel
105 4TO
106 ABC FM
107 Classic Gold FM
110 Mindsettle Channel


There is a telephone adjacent to every bed for the use of patients.

Dialling out:

To make an outside call, please dial “0” and then the number you require. 

Dialling in:

Your family and friends can contact you by calling the main hospital switchboard on (07) 4727 4444 asking for you by name or by your extension number. Your extension number is located on your bedside phone.

If you do not wish to be disturbed, rather than leave the phone off the hook, please contact the switchboard and ask staff to hold all calls to your extension.

The hospital’s switchboard operator can be contacted on ‘9’ for general enquiries between 6.00 am and 8.00 pm every day of the year.

All patients have free access to wifi throughout the hospital.  The wifi access code can be provided upon request from reception.

Vending machines for after hours snacks and drinks are available at Mater Hospital Pimlico at Park Street Foyer & Opposite Medical Centre Elevator.

The Mater has some vases available that patients are able to use. On Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays we have volunteers who will call into your room and change the water and keep your arrangments looking fresh.  

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