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Tammy Ware

Victorian Tammy Ware was on the hunt for a sea change when she discovered our beautiful Magnetic Island.
"Who doesn’t want to live on a tropical island?” she said.
 Along with her husband and two daughters the family took a leap of faith and headed north.
"We absolutely love it,’’ she said
Living on an island and travelling on a ferry each day is a unique way to commute to work.

I love my job - I get to work with both the clinical nursing staff but also the finance team
Tammy Ware

"Every trip on the ferry is an adventure and the sense of community among the regular commuters is something special. The sunrises and sunsets you get to see are also magical,’’ she said. Tammy shares the trip each day with her husband Steve who also works at the Mater as an orderly in theatre.

Tammy began her health industry career straight from school studying a Bachelor of Health Information Management. Since then she has worked in hospitals and health funds in Victoria before coming to the Mater.

Her role as Health Information Manager is to manage the medical records department, the security and retention of the physical medical records but also for the collection, analysis and distribution of the patient health information ensuring we meet legistlative requirements with our reporting.

"I love my job - I get to work with both the clinical nursing staff but also the finance team. To assist the nursing staff with the tools they need to do their job right is the reason I am here,’’ she said.

Tammy has worked on a number of new initiatives since she started at the Mater including leading the project to update our patient information system.

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